ARC Wireless

ARC Wireless: ARCFlex? Wireless Broadband Product Line

What is it?
The ARCFlex? family of low-cost, fully featured wireless broadband products delivers a powerful solution that is designed to solve many problems that wireless broadband carriers are facing today.

What we offer
Indoor and outdoor access points, CPEs, and combinations of these that combine two radios into one package. Check out our product catalog below for more information.

Not every WISP?s network is the same ? our products can be setup in a variety of configurations to fit your network. The SplitStation? and Split mARC? are examples of our Split System network design, where the WLAN radio can be in a different room than the WWAN radio. One can even be outdoors while the other is indoors. Both radios are still configured with one configuration interface, making setup and maintenance quick and easy.

Two Radios for the Price of One CPE
Decrease Cost and Risk
In a typical installation, a wireless WAN device (CPE) is required to receive the signal from the tower and a separate device is needed to redistribute service inside the premise. The service provider has 2 choices:
  1. Provide the wireless router for the customer which increases cost.
  2. Allow the customer to supply the device which increases risk and customer support costs.

Lowest Cost Solution!
The ARCFlex? products solves this problem by combining both the CPE and the Customer AP into one set ? all at a price point that is lower than just the CPE!

Every Device is Hotspot-Capable

Easy Additional Revenue
Every ARCFlex device (excluding FlexUSB?) can be configured to run as an industry-standard RADIUS AAA Hotspot in a matter of minutes. The Hotspot network coexists with the customer wireless network, so no need for additional hardware. You can even enable Hotspot on the ethernet ports.

Easy Advertising
You set up your Hotspot to redirect users to your WISPS?s website so they can view plan and pricing information. No authentication is required.

Hotspot Tutorial
View this Worldspot + ARCFlex Hotspot How-To to see how easy it is to turn your device into a Hotspot!

Effortlessly Extend Your Wireless Networks

Built-in Repeater
ARCFlex devices have a built-in network extender on the WLAN (2.4GHz access point) to allow for quick, easy, and low-cost network extension.

Extend Coverage Indoors
The iFlex? and Flex mARC? can both be configured as traditional network extenders to extend covered within a home or office. All you have to do is type in the SSID and encryption key and you?re ready to go!

Obstructions ? No Problem!
Can?t reach site A from your tower, but site B can? Set up an extender at site B to give service to site A!

The Flex mARC? can extend your network to a neighboring customer, and the iFlex? is great for indoor network extension.

ARCFlex? Makes Maintenance and Installation Easy

Wireless Management Network
Never lose access to your devices! All ARCFlex devices all come with an always-on wireless management network (called the Installer network). Only access to the configuration UI is possible when connected to this SSID.

Premise access is not required for upgrade or repair ? a tech can simply connect to the management network to perform any maintenance duties.

ARCMobile? ? Mobile Installation App
Installations can require multiple techs ? one to aim, and one to monitor signal strengths on a laptop. The ARCMobile? app allows you to use your cellphone or tablet to view signal strenghts as well as perform many other configuration tasks.

ARC?OS Platform The easy to use ARC?OS configuration UI will make installation, maintenance, and monitoring a breeze. Learn more about the powerful features of ARC?OS.


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